Full Circle

I used to think that the only way to feel completely fulfilled as a New Kids on the Block fan would be a face-to-face meeting. A close encounter. One of those expensive VIP tickets not in my family budget. But I was mistaken. Knowing that Donnie Wahlberg, who was the force behind the whole reunion, read with his own eyes my post How NKOTB Re-Wrote History, heard my story, and shared that link with the world on twitter is utterly enough for me. 

Along with the link, he also tweeted, "My heart is so full. How does it just keep getting better? How do you all just keep making this more and more of an amazing journey?" Incidentally, I happened to be online when I saw his tweet get tweeted, and I leapt from my chair and began to jump around the room and scream, as my husband looked on. He had to be reminded that he does the exact same thing when he watches Alabama football games on TV.

I could never say in a 90 second meet-and-greet or in a random, fleeting brush with fame what I was able to say here. I can't believe I'm actually saying this, and some of you will think I have severely misplaced my blockhead priorities, but I would take that single tweet from Donnie over a 5-star VIP ticket any day. Hands down. I am astounded that my small voice was heard, and based on all of the feedback that I have received, it is evident that what I said resonated pretty deeply with many people. Twitter, how I love you.

There was an overriding theme in your responses. So many of you told me that I wrote YOUR story. Your feelings, your memories, your experience. One fan tweeted, "What I felt after reading your words was relief. I felt relieved knowing that it's documented, even if only in cyberspace. And also relieved that my exact feelings had been expressed and understood."

After reading numerous tweets from you all telling me that you needed a box of Kleenex after reading it, my husband shook his head and asked me, "What is the deal with all these crying women?" The deal is that we get a little emotional when we remember that we were all in the same boat back then. And we get a little more emotional when we realize that we climbed back into that boat together. We came full circle. We look a little different now, and have a few other life reponsibilities to manage, but the truth is, people don't really change. I have done a lot of living over the past 20 years, but I am still me. And those five guys, they're still basically the same people, too. Which is one reason why this reunion worked.

Some of you have also shared with me that the blog allowed you to give other non-fans (for lack of a better word) a glimpse into your "blockheadedness," so that they might understand you a little better. I hope it shed some light. But the only way to truly understand blockheadism is to be one yourself.

All of this to say - thank you for that tweet, Donnie Wahlberg. You have no idea how gratified I am to know that I got through.You just made up for countless unanswered fan letters from years ago. And if I ever get the chance to tell you that in person one day - well,then - that will just be gravy.


  1. I got teary again reading this. It's funny how I grew up on the other side of the globe, and everything you wrote still perfectly captures how I feel. I guess it happened the same way, for all of us, all over the world! We watched from afar, since the guys never made it to us over there, and I'm in disbelief that now, 20 years later, I live in NYC and am able to fulfill a childhood dream.

    Thank you for writing this, and yes, when Jordan said 'safe', I did think the same thing you did!

    much love,

  2. I'm so glad you updated your blog! I was wondering how you were feeling after all this!
    I agree w you about rather having your "favorite" tweet you then meet them. You know you now made an impact.
    Than you soooo much for wverything you wrote. I guess we'll always have our own relationships being Blockheads. hahaha


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