To all of you in the Peanut Gallery...

(I say that affectionately, of course.)

I have a little announcement for you all, my readers. There's a new way to comment here.

As I have surfed the waters of blogdom these past few months, I have wondered many times why Blogger is so stiff when it comes to commenting. If you wanted to comment on my blog, you needed a Google account...username and password and whatever other hoops you were required to jump through. And then, when you left a comment, I would scratch my head and wonder where I should reply to you. My blog? Your blog? An e-mail? Message in a bottle?

So I would end up doing one or all of the above.

Today I successfully installed the Disqus commenting system on my blog. And actually, it was kind of amazing how it happened...a perfect example of how eerily connected the world is these days.

I was tripping over problems in the installation process, and I was about to give up. So I sent a tweet out into the universe, addressed to no one in particular. "Can anyone tell me why installing Disqus makes all my existing comments disappear?" I asked cyberspace in exasperation. My question echoed. I suppose it really was a message in a bottle. I was hoping a fellow blogger might lend me a hand. And for a while, all I could hear were crickets chirping.

Then...lo and behold...I was pleasantly surprised when techies from Disqus support responded to me by twitter and e-mail to address my problems. To be honest, it was like saying to the universe, "Boy, I wish I had a quarter pounder with cheese," and finding one drop into my lap. I tell the world what I need, and the world responds! Ahhhh, power! No, I'm kidding. Disqus deserves the credit for some pretty great customer service...even though I'm left feeling a little baffled and squeamish about the power of the Internet. I'll save that for another post, and for now I'll just sing, "It's a Small World" to myself.

The reason I chose this new format is because it is a threaded system, so I will be able to respond very easily to your comments. (Try it...you'll see!) And now, you no longer need a Google account to speak up here. All you have to do, the first time, is enter your e-mail address.

So, since this is a test post, who would like to be a guinea pig for me? Comment away, and I'll respond. All peanuts in the gallery are welcome.

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