Call Me Rocky

Most bizarre event of the week: my face swelled up.

It was not grotesque or strange-looking, but I could tell. I got out of bed one day, and one side of my face felt weird. Huge. Even though it didn't look it. Like there was a big piece of scotch tape stuck on there.

I was at a total loss. Was it something I ate? I mentally went over all possible culprits and came up with nothing. Maybe that medicine I took last weekend? I googled the known side effects and actually thought I was on to something. Yes! "Facial swelling" was sandwiched right in there among the other hundred or so unfortunate problems. That had to be it. A drug reaction. Even though it had been a week since I took it. Stranger things have happened. Drugs are unpredictable, right?

Which brings me to this important side note: generally, one should not try to self-diagnose oneself online...if one can help it. Google is not a doctor. And whenever you visit Dr. Google, he will usually lead you down some rather shady paths. Not the tree-lined kind...the alarming kind.

So by Saturday night, I had talked myself out of the drug-reaction theory and was getting ready to go see a real doctor. I needed to know why my face felt like there was a boulder on top of it for no good reason.

And then, my husband, grasping at straws, asks me this obvious question: "Have you gotten hit in the face?"

I frowned and thought for a minute. And like the sun coming up over the mountain with the Hallelujah Chorus playing, I grinned and said, "That's IT! Our son punched me!" A great moment, indeed.

Flashback: I am leaning over the four-year-old's bed, and he is playing around, limbs flailing, and somehow his right hook connects with my left cheekbone. It hurts. REALLY hurts. It's a tear-pricking hurt, even, but I suck it up because I can tell he feels terrible. So I did the standard, "I'm OK. I'm OK." Then...I shake it off and forget about it.

I guess I forgot a little too well.

Finding out the truth is a freeing thing. No more murky, unpleasant questions. Or failed detective attempts. Or long waits for answers. There, before me, was the truth, and it had been there all the time, waiting for me to find it.

Jesus said, "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32). The un-truth binds us up, but the truth is the key that opens the cage.

May you walk in the truth today.

Until next time,

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