"This is the King that we are looking at"

For weeks, my first grader shut herself inside her room at various times, working feverishly on a "project." Very secretive. Very serious. I knew she had big plans when she asked for some wrapping paper, tape, and scissors. And a stapler, too.

She proudly placed her creation under the tree a week ago, with a "to mom and dad" sticker slapped on it in a prominent position. She really wrestled with the "do not open until Christmas" principle. It seemed like ages until we would be able to open it, but she understood it would be better if we all waited.

This morning, she brought it to us to open. And even though I got some nice gifts under the tree, her gift was my favorite. It was a "book" that she had written, stapled together on the side.

The Jesus Story

One day an anjl came to Mary and said go to bethlham you will have a baby. He will be the king. So Mary went to Bethlham with Joshf. She was on a donky. She folowd the star.

They got to Bethlham. They asked a man to have selter. I am all filld up. You can stay in my stabl. So they did. Then Mary had Jesus.

There were seprds in the fild. An anjl came. But the anjl said do not be afrad. You need to go Bethlham to see the new King. So they did. Folow that star said the anjl.

This is are king they said. Sent to erth. They wishupt Jesus. They were so happy they had a new king.

The wise men saw the star. they said it will leed us to a new king. So they rod on camls. They travld for meny days.

The wise men got there jesus was a kid. The wise men gave him prests. They wishupt him. This is the king that we are looking at.

That is the story of Jesus.

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