Snow and Football

Here in Alabama, there are two things that really crank our tractors. One is the prospect of snow. And the other is football.

To have a major winter weather event in the forecast and a national championship football game going on the same weekend is almost too much excitement for us to bear. Not only are the bread and milk flying off the shelves, Auburn fans across the state are flying out to Arizona to watch our beloved Tigers face the Oregon Ducks Monday night. Local schools, including Auburn University, are closing two days in advance of the snow's arrival, which is happening (conveniently) on Game Day. Among our friends and family, there is an electric undercurrent of nervous anticipation for dual reasons.

Forecasts of multiple inches of snow and ice in this state are rare events, indeed. Today our family went into emergency preparedness mode: flashlights (check), batteries (check), firewood (check), charcoal (check), and Cheese Puffs (check). Who can forget the great winter storm of 1993 (or maybe 1992?) when we lost power for 3 days? It was kind of fun at first, living like frontier people and baking potatoes in the fireplace. But at the 48-hour mark, it got old...so old, in fact, that when the power finally did come back on, I cried tears of joy and sang the Hallelujah Chorus. That response was probably a bit over the top, looking back.

The juxtaposition of the biggest game in Auburn's history with what might be the biggest winter storm that this state has seen in years is drama-in-the-making. Because the drama all comes down to one thing:


IF the cable is out due to the winter storm on Monday night, a great, collective wail of frustration and grief will rise up from the state of Alabama - one that might be heard all the way out there in Arizona.

If necessary, we can live like frontier people. We will heat our soup on the grill and live off Cheese Puffs for as long as the bag allows. But if there is one thing that we have got to have on Monday night - for life, for liberty, and for the pursuit of happiness - it's cable.

So, Charter Communications and Alabama Power, please get yourselves in gear and prepare for the winter battle ahead. You are our only hope. Whether or not the residents of this state will witness history rests on your shoulders.

Bring on the snow. Bring on the ice. Bring on the Championship (aired on cable that works).

And...most importantly...War Eagle.

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