Tree Sprouts Alien Pods in Small Town

SMALL TOWN, AMERICA --- A large tree in a nondescript, quiet Southern neighborhood has sprouted what appear to be round, green, knobby alien pods.

While house-hunting today, Jennifer Farris and her husband came across the strikingly unusual pods hanging all over a tree in somebody’s front yard. The house is unoccupied, and the owners could very well be unaware of the ticking time bomb that is sitting on their own property.

“I knew it was just a matter o’ time before them aliens came down here to take over!” Mrs. Farris drawled. “And lookee here. This here’s proof that them guys are about to hatch. Better be stockpilin’ your emergency kits! Ain’t no tellin’ if they’re gonna be good ones or bad ones!”

Her husband declared that he ain’t never seen nothin’ like ‘em, either. Even the realtor was scratching his head.

Mrs. Farris explained that if she were to blog about such a thing, she was sure that people would leave comments saying that everyone knows it’s a such-and-such tree. Even so, she likes to think that the pods are otherworldly. Either that, or plastic…




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