A Few Good Men

Last night was a family reunion, of sorts.

At our former church, my husband Cade frequently sang with a six-member vocal ensemble. He would tell you himself that singing with those guys was a huge blessing to him. Not only are they all musicians, but they are all friends, and the more they sang together, the more the music began to gel…and the more enjoyable it became for all of them.

One of the things he misses most about our life there is that group. It’s really too far of a drive for him to continue to participate with them on a regular basis.

But it wasn’t too far for them to come to him.

The buzz started when the posters went up. Practically every store front in town willingly advertised the “Few Good Men” concert everywhere you turned. And in a sleepy town like ours, it’s nice to know that there wasn’t a whole lot of competition for the night of Sunday night, October 23rd. Fifteen minutes before showtime, the crowd was slim, and admittedly, we were a bit concerned…but right on time, down to the wire, people began piling in. A big crowd sat and waited in the church gym, their curiosity evident. Nobody had ever attempted a “concert” in that gym before.

The guys sang for 90 minutes, and it was outstanding. The echoing gym acoustics were not an insurmountable challenge, as had been feared. Actually, it just made the atmosphere fun and light, punctuated by a few serious moments. Afterward, the entire crowd was invited for a supper with the group, provided by the church, and Cade and I were thrilled to see that some friends of ours from our former church had made the trek north for the concert. I loved seeing them all, and there was something kind of overwhelming and wonderful about all those faces from the old life showing up in my new life at one time. Sort of like how you feel at your wedding.

My cup runneth over.

Today I want to share with you all my favorite song that they did last night. It’s called “Daystar,” and features Cade on lead. (Of course it does. What did you expect?) But I think it would be my favorite even if it didn’t feature my hubs on lead. It’s a beautiful gospel song, imploring the light of Christ to lead…anywhere He opens up the door..in a dark, desperate world. That song has been our prayer as a family these past few months.

I hope it blesses you today.

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