There is Always a Hole

Some people take exquisite nature photos and post them on their blogs.

If only I had a photo to display of the scene I am about to relate, then I would be clicking “insert picture” right about now. But alas, I had no camera with me, and it probably would not have captured the subject accurately anyway. So instead, I am going to share a word-photo today.

A few days ago, I was out on my morning walk-slash-halfhearted jog. The sky was dramatic that morning…the ushering-in of cool fall air and plenty of heavy, puffy, gray cloud-cover. Struggling up the killer hills near our house, I finally reached the gently-rolling stretch of road that leads me past the red-roofed barn and horse farm to the left. I always like getting to that place because, first, and most importantly, the killer hill is behind me, and, second, I can see the whole sky at one time. It just opens up before me like a scene in a Western. No obstacles to obscure my vision.

Here is what was interesting about it. One part of the sky, the part in front of me and over the barn, was dark and overcast. The opposite end of the sky…of the entire world, as far as I was concerned…was bright and glorious. Two opposing stories, playing themselves out in the sky simultaneously in that moment.

And in the middle of gray cloud-cover, over the barn, commanding my attention, was a literal hole in the sky. I slowed and came to a stop to examine it. (It’s not every day you see a hole in the sky.) It was as if God’s hands had reached down and dug a neat, little, perfectly round hole right there, prying the clouds out of the way, just big enough for some early morning sunlight to get through.

When I was little, I used to say, “The sun’s tryin’ to shine!” But this was not the case that day. The sun was having no trouble at all shining. It happened to be right behind that cloud-layer, penetrating that hole with power…stunningly beautiful rays that made their way all the way down to earth. Right there over the barn. It took my breath away.

You see, there is always a hole.

Whenever I am sitting in my car, waiting to turn left across an endless stream of traffic that seems like it will never let up, I remind myself, “There is always a hole in the traffic. Hang on. Don’t pull out in front of somebody foolishly. There is always a hole. Wait.” Without fail, it comes.

Whenever there is darkness that doesn’t seem to let up, God creates a hole. A way of escape, an encouragement for the journey, a rest for the soul, a deliverance. A ray of light that is powerful enough and bright enough to reach all the way to man, if he is willing to lift up his eyes and see it.

Without fail, it comes.

“But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.” Romans 5:20

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