We’ve Got a Website!

Last week I waded into website creation.  (Oh, wait.  This is a website, isn’t it?  I’m not counting this one.)
It used to be that if your entity, commercial or otherwise, did not have a website, people would overlook it, but these days, it is a requirement.  If you don’t have one, people will cluck their tongues and shake their heads and whisper, “They don’t even have a website!”  Horrors!
Our new church needed one, but so often, the website ranks low on the priority list in these situations.  It is not anyone’s fault.  It’s just that there are so many other pressing matters, so many other needs, that we’ll get to it one day, maybe.  But when you’re the one who realizes that you have the time, you have the (sort-of) know-how, and you have the will do something, then it could be that you should be the one doing it.  I thought there was a chance that it could be me, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t.  Because I was still sort of intimidated.  I did not know that I could build on a foundation that had already been laid by someone who had blazed the cyber-trail ahead of me, and who graciously gave me his blessing to do so.  I also did not know that if you are even semi-computer literate, you can make a website.  It’s not rocket science. 
Especially when you find a good, ready-made theme to use!
I was very happy to stumble upon the Church Themes website, which offered really nice-looking pages and a special widget for displaying sermons.  (Don’t you like that word?  Widget?  It’s just fun to say!  I think Buddy the Elf would agree.  It sounds like a magic tool.  Actually, it kind of is!)  Anyway, the people at Church Themes provided lots of help and support anytime I had a question.  They’re not even paying me to say that.
So we are proud to announce that have recently launched our website, for the first time, at fbcwedowee.com. Have a look around.  Yes, we’ve still got some blank spots, but we will be filling those in soon.  And we are now on Facebook and Twitter too!  Follow us if you’d like to keep up with us.  Better yet, come visit our church sometime.  We would love to see you there. 
One last thing…if you’re a member of FBCW and you’re reading this, we would very much appreciate if you would help us spread the word by posting a link to fbcwedowee.com on your social media pages and inviting your FBCW friends to do the same.  Doesn’t it feel good to finally be in cyberspace?

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