Clutter Buckets

Clutter Buckets: a great junk-catching idea, in theory, that will soon be tested by the dull reality of real responsibility.

When one has a bunged-up knee with some kind of meniscus tear going on inside of it, one doesn’t much feel like going around and picking up everybody’s stuff that has been strewn all over creation.  Toys, clothes, school papers, DVD’s, shoes, and other generally unclassifiable junk somehow explodes, on a regular basis, all over the house.  Now that baseball season is here, the junk explosions are happening much more frequently.  Something must be done, or soon we will be swimming in a sea of our material possessions.

So to help matters, one goes to Tar-jay and purchases two large bucket-things with handles, made out of flexible plastic.  While there, one also grabs a few boxes of foam letters and decorative stickers with adhesive backing.


Then, with great fanfare, one announces to the two clutter monkeys that live in the house that we’re going to do a “fun activity!  Yaaaayyy!”  The bucket-things and stickers are presented, and the monkeys are encouraged to individualize their Clutter Buckets so that they can maintain possession of all their detritus.  The older monkey who is now wise to child psychology is skeptical at first.  But a bag of sequins and Elmer’s glue fortunately rallies some enthusiasm.  Sparklies always help, as every female knows.

lauren sweet carson's bucket


The idea is that the buckets will be carried around at various times, to be used as “collection mechanisms.”  It’s much easier to assemble junk in one place - and then unload it - than to carry it piecemeal to its various homes in drawers, cabinets, and toy boxes.  Even I use a laundry basket in times like these.

Maybe my basket needs some bling on it, too.

But the great question that remains to be seen, the great experiment, is this – will Clutter Buckets actually work?  Will they function as intended?  Or will the monkeys use them once, cooperatively, and then realize that personalized buckets are great and all, but they don’t really change the fact that you’re still having to clean up?

We shall soon see.

News at 11.

(Thanks, mom!)


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