Disney Doppelganger

I love the movie Tangled.  It’s cute, funny, touching, and beautifully done – all the required ingredients for a Disney blockbuster.  As we were watching it for the millionth time yesterday, I noticed something I had never realized during my previous 999,999 viewings.
Mother Gothel, the mean, scary lady who pretends to be Rapunzel’s mother so that she can exploit the fountain-of-youth powers of Rapunzel’s magic hair, bears a striking resemblance to a real-life person.
mother gothel cher b
No, really!  Look again!
Mother-gothel mad cher c
And isn’t it more than a little ironic that Cher’s hit from the 80’s, “If I Could Turn Back Time,” could most certainly be Mother Gothel’s own personal theme song?  If Cher had access to the fountain of youth, don’t you think she would take advantage of it?  Oh, wait - that’s what plastic surgeons are.
Just calling it like I see it, folks.
Turns out, I was right!  One of the directors of the movie revealed that Cher was, in fact, the inspiration for the villain.  "People keep coming back to this, but it's true!" he said. "I guess it's because Cher is kinda gothic and exotic looking and definitely she was one of the people we looked at visually as far as what gives you a striking character.  She is very tall, curvy and voluptuous…we're trying to say: this is not Rapunzel's mother."
Definitely NOT. 

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