One Hundred and Fifty-Nine

road sign Serendipity.

Such a fun word.  It means happy accident or pleasant surprise.

I got a serendipitous phone call this morning from 911.  It’s interesting when you say hello and find out that 911 is calling you, as it’s especially nice that it’s not the other way around.

They were calling to give me the address for our new home that we are building.  “It’s 159 (street name),” the lady said.  I told her that sounded good to me, thanked her, and hung up.

Then (BAM!) I had an honest-and-true flashback, no lie.  Just like in the movies when somebody remembers something and they see it replayed.  It was a couple years ago, and we had a (then) 3 or 4 year old son who was learning about numbers – how to say them, what they mean, how they can combine together in hundreds, tens, and ones.  We had a little family joke back then because Little C somehow developed a fondness for a particular number.  He enjoyed saying it frequently because he knew it would make his parents and his sister giggle a little, since it was always a funny answer.  If you asked him how many cookies he wanted, how old his mommy was, how many miles we had to drive, how many fingers and toes he had, it was always the same…

“One hundred and fifty-nine.”

hee hee hee, giggle, snort, chuckle.  It was the funniest joke ever invented, to him.  And by extension, to the rest of us.

And then, this morning, 911 calls to tell me that, of all possible numerical combinations we could receive, it’s our future house number!  The most hilarious number ever invented!  The punch line of endless jokes!  159!

No, I’m definitely not superstitious or numero-stitious or anything like that.  I just love serendipity, which, when you get right down to it, is a little wink from God.

159!  I can’t believe it!  I’m still cracking up.

And winking back.

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