Please Write on Our House

Last weekend we invited our friends to come out on Sunday afternoon to write on our house.

Permissible graffiti. We were asking for it – everywhere. On the floors, on the walls, on the ceilings, and over the doors. We brought the sharpies, cookies, and drinks. Our friends brought their graffiti A-games.

It is all soon to go away from sight, because the sheet rock will soon go up, the flooring will soon go down, and fresh paint will forever hide the precious autographs that were once there.

But maybe someday, decades from now, another family living in our 2012-era home will decide to strip everything out to make way for the latest and greatest trends in Extreme Home Makeover style, and will find – maybe to their puzzlement - sharpie-scrawled God-promises all over the wood frames.

Nothing superstitious about it. Not even a little bit stitious as Michael on The Office would say. No magical abracadabra pixie dust being sprinkled. Just an affirmation of the faith in our hearts as we wrote, and affirmations from friends and loved ones who blessed us as they penned for us the reminders of ancient words.

“Write them [these commandments] on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates,” said God in Deuteronomy 6.

So why not?

Even when the sheet rock goes up, we will remember what is underneath. And thanks to these pictures, we will even remember where. That old hymn “Standing on the Promises of God” doesn’t have to be just figurative anymore.

The ten feet that are soon to inhabit this place will be standing on them for real.

i am with you
2 samuel
psalm 91
our brother
before I formed you
mawmaw verse
love never fails
God Bless This Home

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