Favorite Blogs

Let Me Say This About That. My mom's blog. Unique perspectives, interesting reads. She's my #1!

Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff. Funny, funny stuff. I never regret a visit.

Art Spiffy by my friend Christina. Beautiful hand-made jewelry and thoughts about the Christian life.

Going Beyond by Priscilla Shirer. Ever since going through Priscilla's study on the book of Jonah, I enjoy coming here - she's always got some good things to say.

Together Girl by Marianna Dollyhigh. Marianna and I both have husbands in ministry, and at one time we were all at the same church. She really is a "together girl," but I love her tag line: "grace for the retired superhero." Yeah, I need that.

Nikki Woo the Home Guru. Nikki and I found each other's blogs years ago and we always like to drop in on each other from time to time. She's honest, funny, and always entertaining, and she lives in a world of cooking I dare not venture into but respect from a distance.

Holy Bible Sketch Pad. My very own aunt's stunning collection of original art, inspired from biblical passages spanning all the way from Genesis to Revelation.

Once and Again by Lindsay Carlson, my friend from way back who shares my love for Downton, chocolate, fairy tales, boy bands, and babies. She's just starting in the blogosphere, and I like her style in more ways than one.

A Holy Experience by Ann Voskamp, the lady we all want to write like.

Tim Challies. I especially like his "a la carte" posts, a great sampler of the best of the web for the week.

That Guy KC. Not every blog on a blog favorites list should be a mommy blog. This one is written by a dad, but not just for dads. A great site.

Dr. Albert Mohler is president of the Souther Baptist Theological Seminary, where we lived for almost 4 years. Whenever there's a hot button issue dominating the news, this is the place to go for thought-provoking Christian analysis.

Mental Floss. All kinds of crazy weird stuff.

More favorites to come.

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